Sweet childhood memoirs to be gifted by the parents to their kids

  • 04 October 2016
  • Author : Suril Pandya
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An ebook is an electronic formatted book that can be read on your Mac, laptop, tablet, smartphone or any other reading devices with an internet connection. These online library ebooks have numbered pages, pictures, graphics and the exact content of their paper book counterparts.

It is simple to hire and read online library ebooks, just like procuring any online product. You login to a renowned elibrary, register and start renting ebooks. You can carry a stack of ebooks in your mobile nicely nestled in your pocket. You can command an ebook on a bus, train, airplane or while waiting in a queue. Hence, you can carry many ebooks at a time, which can be strenuous with ordinary paper books.

The Supa library has a special list for children that are interesting and brimming with fantasy. If you are a responsible parent and want to make books an integral part of your child’s learning interest, buy children’s ebooks online. Read them from early pre-school age and be exposed to the following merits:
  • A strong parent & child relationship
  • Good communication skill
  • Logical thinking skill
  • Rich vocabulary
  • Enhanced concentration
  • Boosts self-esteem
Some of the children’s ebooks in the Supa library are:

Joe’s Luck; or, Always wide Awake – Horatio Alger

Handbook to the new Gold fields – Robert Michael Ballantyne

The fugitives: The tyrant Queen of Madagascar -- Robert Michael Ballantyne

A little mother to others – L. T. Meade

Tales of Daring and Danger –George Alfred Henty

The Phantom of the river – Edward Sylvester Ellis

The curse of Carne’s Hold: A tale of 16 -- George Alfred Henty

Fighting the whales -- Robert Michael Ballantyne

Cast upon the Breakers -- Horatio Alger

Chasing the Sun -- Robert Michael Ballantyne

The above books are just a few of the books that can excite and enlighten your child and help him grow into a responsible teenager with a good reading interest.
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