Unabridged way to the world of horror by reading horror ebooks

  • 20 September 2016
  • Author : Suril Pandya
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If you own a tablet, smartphone or any other reading device to read a good ebook, login to a good elibrary. Your very own Supa library allows its members to rent 3 books and enjoy an access to over 4000 famed books. You can read books as long as you are an active member of the library. Join Supa library, the best online book rental library, and enjoy the grandiose collection of books.

Supa library humbly submits the collection of adventure, gothic, fantasy, crime, mystery and horror ebooks along with a grand collection of children books and books on philosophy. The collection is just amazing! We, systematically upgrade our collection and are open for any feedbacks from the members. You can hire books at low rental for quality literature.

Most of the books are work of fiction and abundant in good vocabulary. Horror ebooks are works of fiction that at times are loathsome, terrifying, revolting with supernatural and frightening characters. Can you ever dream of being cornered by a vampire or surrounded by a group of crazy zombies? How revolting! These characters transfer fear. The violence and slaughter that follow are just nerve jittering and can at times turn nightmarish. A good writer can give the reader a hair-raising experience. Psychological panic and trauma never leaves you!

*The garden of Survival – Algernon Blackwood

*The empty house and other ghost stories – Algernon Blackwood

*Legacy – Henry James

*A thin ghost and others – M. R. James

*A stable of nightmares – Sheridan Le Fanu

*Old Testament legends – M. R. James

*Dracula – Bram Stoker

The above books are some of the most demanded books at the Supa Library site.

Logon to Supa library site and rent ebooks through, credit card, debit card or net banking. You can hire ebooks with just a few jabs of your fingers, in the cosiness of your den and at any odd hours – Supa Library is always ready to serve you.
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