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  • 29 July 2016
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Supa library is one of the best library having hoards of books that catches the interest of people from every walk of life. People have a liking for different topics, some like mystery and adventure while some like horror and science. The majority prefers to read fiction work as they are light and quite entertaining.  Have you read a science fiction book? Supa library has a good collection of science fiction books that is centred on principles related to science and technology. These books predict about the life in future, alien life and life on other planets or a parallel world.

We were all introduced to the pictures of cartoon characters at an early age. Small tales and the magical world of fairies still lingers in our minds. Those were the days when stories were told by our elders, that helped our imagination to gain new altitude with each exciting story. Conversing animals, demons, wizards and witches became a member of our clan with whom we spoke and fought with the help of our friendly fairy with her magic wand. Supa library has a selection of children fiction ebook on rent with best literature and magnetizing graphics.

Science fiction ebooks read online on the Supa library site, are books that are works of brainstorms, helping in creating a unique world masterfully, with crafty narration that becomes active in one’s mind. The plots are distinctive and adds a new dimension to the stories and the characters with superhuman bodies.
One remarkable author is Mary Wollstonecraft Shellywho wrote Frankenstein, a narration of a young science enthusiast, Victor Frankenstein, who created an artificial living creature by an eccentric scientific experiment. The young doctor now has to find a way to manage the terror he created. Mary W Shelly is one of the greatest authors, she wrote Frankenstein when she was just 18 years old.  You find works of renowned authors with good literature all stashed in the ebooks of Supa Library. Be a member and enjoy reading great chronicles and releases.

Supa Library is awaiting, eagerly, to serve all its members with excellent service and revised rent that is affordable.
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