Reading Raptures

07 July 2016

Interesting collection of ebooks from the best online elibrary

Books has a special place in our hearts since we were younglings! Beginning with a single lone-word we gradually reached a podium where we could read and understand a few words on our own. This transformation made us more drawn to reading. The excitement of digging up more words formed…

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21 June 2016

The eco-friendly and sensible concept of renting books online

The system of renting a book with an online elibrary domain is a modern way to have your books delivered to you (not physically) for a nominal rent. The gradual growth of internet usage has given way to a number of online activities that saves time & money. The online…

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13 June 2016

Reedisha - The Doodle, The Delight

Doodle, the first time I heard of this word was through my best friend Google, its almost synonymous with Google .But well if you think deep, doodle comes from the verb doodling ,dawdling, in more specific terms it means drawing something when your attention is elsewhere. But for some its…

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07 June 2016


You look into my eyes

I feel I belong here

On failure, they say let's cele​​brate this, too

I feel I belong here…

Author : Shivani Gala
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04 June 2016

Sign-up and download steaming hard cored crime plots!

An online library is like a public bookshelf that is open for all to take their pick of books that they wish to read.  Your smart phones, tablets or laptops are easy access to an elibrary.  You can hire books online, at a fee, and read to bide your…

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16 May 2016

The eBooktrack! A novel way to read and enjoy with a synchronized music

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace inventing better gadgets and Apps that are beneficial to the masses. The unique and advanced mode of reading that is available at the jab of a few buttons on your mobile is the eLibrary. You can browse through the myriad of books under…

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11 May 2016

How to utilize your Micro Times with ebook Reading

The wheel of time rotates at a high speed and we find less time to fulfil our hobbies like reading and outdoor games. A hectic and busy schedule at the office beats the energy out of you, thus, demotivating the indulgence to play physical games. Reclining on a couch, you…

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06 May 2016

In The Orbit OF Knowledge


It is good to be with a friend who can impart the knowledge that can be beneficial to you. He should be your shadow, always close at hand, to wash away your blues when you are cold and alone gnawing at your fingernails.

Supa library is a relief for the…

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02 May 2016

A Palm Library

The start of the 21st century has seen many new inventions and progress in the field of technology. The heavy handsets have changed into a 100gm to 200gm light feather weight sleek mobiles. The recent handsets snuggle cosily in the palm of a person. New invention becomes a trend with…

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19 April 2016

Minor to Major

"Had it been any other problem, I would understand but this is very annoying", Mom said. I started losing hopes regarding my trip to Dubai. Though, I balanced it with a lot of shopping. Dad found himself lucky as he was busy with work during that month of mess and…

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