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Vidya - The DIVA ine dance
15 April 2016

Vidya - The 'DIVA ine dance

When you are thoroughly depressed, tired, sulky or simply upset about anything at all just visit a Dance studio. My first visit to a Dance studio was after 33 years of survival on this earth and the first thought that clicked me after entering that space was....oh what have I…

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11 April 2016

Enjoy reading your favourite eBook with music

Reading is a neurological exercise that stimulates the brain and strengthens the nervous system. Regular reading of good books gives you a chance to know more words that can be useful at your place of work and social gathering making you the star of the pack.

Youngsters now follow the…

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04 April 2016

…Keep Breathing!

This a story of a boy from a remote village called Pimpaldari in Parbhani district of drought-prone Marathwada. He left his village in 4th Std, never to look back again. Travelling across Vidarbha, Latur, Pune and Hydrabad he finally landed in the city of dreams- Mumbai, to fullfil his dream.…

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02 March 2016

Renovating Your Book Library into an ebook Library

Reading was introduced to us when we took our first step in school. A single alphabet turned into a word, a single word in a sentence and then gradually a hardback. We read books on different topics or subjects - some were our favourite and were read with interest while…

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